So Synchro

I always love a partner workout; most of us will push much harder for a partner than we would for just ourselves. But today we added a new element (for our regular classes) which was “synchronization” on some of the movements. This adds a whole new element. Trying to synch up our movements with someone else can be very difficult. Communication and pacing are key. And when you and your partner do synch up, and work well together, it can be SO FUN and SO REWARDING!!
Here’s Diane and Melissa, eyes and movements locked and Cameron and Sparky basking in the aftermath.




4 Rounds:
5 Double KB Goblet Step Up/Side
10-15 Barbell Curls

20 Minute AMRAP:
10 Synchro Hang Power Cleans (135/95#)
10 Synchro Back Squats (135/95#)
500m Row (broken up however partners wish)

Why All The Unilateral?

Does anyone know why doing unilateral work can be so beneficial?

There’s been many comments in doing the unilateral work that one side is “weaker” or less competent. This is a big reason why unilateral work is so important and useful.

We want to identify and address any weak links in the chain, so that when we go to do something like a deadlift or back squat, we’re not favoring or only using the strength of one side.

Lesley, TJ, and Megan (click the photo) were looking fabulous this morning in their SL-RDL’s.


3 Rounds:
BB Single Leg RDL x6/side with a 30X1 tempo (3s Down, 0s at the bottom, X = stand at own pace, 1s at the top)
Side Delt Raise x8/side
:15 Side Plank Hold/side

For time:
6 Rounds: 10 S2OH (115/80#)
10 T2B
200m Run
Rest equal to Work. I.e. W:R = 1:1