It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

Big M flying through the air in the photo and Steph and Kate showing those of you who didn't show up today what a Med Ball Burpee Broad Jump looks like.


20 minute AMRAP with a partner.
Partners alternate completing rounds. One round consists of the following:
30 foot overhead med-ball (14/20) lunge.
30 foot med-ball burpee broad jumps.
Then however many reps combined that it took to lunge and broad jump they do the same number of reps of wall balls.
In between rounds the other partner can do a 20 second max rep/calorie attempt of one of the following:
Assault bike
Ski erg
Or double unders
They can redo any of the max efforts or choose to rest.
Score is rounds completed and separately combined reps.



Today's workout had great incentive to work hard. Given that you could only work on the odd minutes, it was important to get as much work done within that minute as possible, since the following minute you couldn't do any work. In order to get a good time, you really had to push the work effort minute. Here's Cameron and Tim working hard to chip away at the muscle ups.


100/80 Calorie Row
80 GHD Sit Ups
60 DB Push Press (50/35#)
40 DB Step Overs (50/35#) (24/20")
20 Ring Muscle Ups