This week is all about learning new skills. I bet no one thought baby-holds were on the agenda! You never know what’s coming down the pipes, so be prepared for the unknown and unknowable!



10 minute skill work:
split jerk

Partner Workout:
6 rounds: 250 meter row while partner sandbag holds
4 rounds: 1 prowler push (heavy) while partner hollow holds
2 rounds: 250 meter ski while partner hold dip support

Constantly Learning

This week has already involved learning a lot of new movements and it’s only Wednesday!
As trainers, we are learning a lot this week as well.
Today we worked on power snatching with a two second pause at the knee. As the morning went on, Carmen started noticing an error some folks were making. Can you spot the difference between these two photos of Tim, determine which is correct and why?


In the first photo Tim brought the barbell around his knee (NOT optimum bar path), and he is resting the barbell on the tops of his knees (an unintentional cheat). In the second photo Tim brought his knees back (while maintaining his back position) which is a much better first pull and is ACTIVELY holding the bar at his knee cap (much harder).
Here’s the good news! We will revisit this movement next week and can all work on perfecting the first pull, bar path, and holding an active position at the knee.


10 Rounds:
Power Snatch with a two second pause at knee

800m Run
45 Double KB Squats (35/26#)
800m Run
45 Double KB Shoulder to OH (35/26#)
800m Run